Demi Lovato Still Has Hearing And Vision Problems Five Years After Overdose

Quickies: Britney Spears + Demi Lovato!

Demi Lovato miraculously survived their 2018 drug overdose despite suffering three strokes and a heart attack. But in a new interview, Lovato shared that even 5 years later, they still have hearing loss and vision impairment as a result. “That overdose caused me a lot of … it actually caused a disability,” the pop star explained. “I have vision impairment and hearing impairment to this day.” “I don’t drive because I have blind spots in my vision,” they continued. “It’s a daily constant reminder. You know, anytime I look at something, like, I have blind spots in my vision when I look at your face, and so it’s a constant reminder to stay on the right path because I never want that to happen again.”

Lovato overdosed on heroin back in July 24th of 2018, having relapsed months earlier after six years of sobriety. The former Disney star is now sober, revealing last year they completed another round of treatment in 2021.

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