Drake Explains Why He Doesn’t Think He’s Marriage Material

Drake Reacts To Negative Feedback On His New Album ‘honestly, Nevermind’

On a new episode of The Real Good podcast, Drake was asked about marriage. “I don’t know. It seems like a thing of, like, ancient times or something. I think I will eventually,” he said, explaining why he’s not marriage material. “I don’t think I can offer somebody what they’d be looking for. Just consistency. I think my life, my work is my priority.” Drake, who did the interview from host Bobbi Althoff’s bed while sipping champagne, also doesn’t want to get married because he thinks he’d disappoint the person he ended up with.

But if he ever does get hitched, it won’t be with a celebrity. “I probably will not end up marrying someone famous,” he said. “Famous people really aren’t that, like, anything. They’re not that intriguing.” (Drake famously had a necklace made for him that included 42 stones and a staggering 351.38 carats in diamonds to represent all the times he thought about proposing but never did.)

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