Drake Gave $50k To Fan Who Spent Furniture Money To See Him

Drake Reacts To Negative Feedback On His New Album ‘honestly, Nevermind’

During his tour stop in Las Vegas over the weekend, Drake gifted $50,000 to a fan who had spent his furniture money on tickets to the show. “He got a sign that says, ‘Drake, I spent my furniture money on your two shows, OVO for life,'” the rapper told the audience at one point. “You know what, my man, your furniture money, Imma give you 50 bands ‘cause I love you. Make sure he gets his money tonight. That’s some real sh-t, I fu-k with you.” Drake then added, “Listen, this is what life is about. I’m trying to teach you something tonight. I want you to understand something tonight. You never know what the next person is going through. You never know what the person in front of you, to the left of you, to the right of you, behind you, is going through.” Last month, Drake also gifted a random woman in the crowd a Chanel bag (worth tens of thousands of dollars) during his concert in Los Angeles.

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