Dwight Twilley Returns With ‘Tulsa Years’ Compilation

Dwight Twilley Returns With ‘tulsa Years’ Compilation
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Renowned singer/songwriter and power pop icon Dwight Twilley returns with the new compilation, The Best Of Dwight Twilley: The Tulsa Years 1999-2016 – Vol 1. One of the bonus tracks already garnering attention is the remake of the beloved Dwight Twilley Band‘s “Could Be Love,” which was but one of Twilley’s classic pop confections sung by his late-friend and bandmate, Phil Seymour.

Following the 1994 Northridge earthquake in Southern California, Dwight Twilley returned home to his native Tulsa, Oklahoma and built his own recording studio. Between 1999 and 2016, the prolific Twilley released six new original albums, a cover collection, a Beatles‘ tribute album, a live CD/DVD, an original Christmas set, along with a compilation of unreleased tracks.

Dwight Twilley’s classic hits “I’m On Fire,” “Looking For The Magic,” “Girls,” and “Why You Wanna Break My Heart” continue to lure new fans to his vast catalogue due to their high profile placements in movies, TV, and commercials.

We recently caught up with Dwight Twilley and he gave us the backstory on the material featured on the new Tulsa Years collection, which was co-produced and engineered by his wife Jan Twilley: “We had it on-hand. Y’know, we’ve been working in our studio for months and months — just cutting track-after-track. And pretty soon it was apparent that we had so many songs that were not out — and what do you do with them? And we just decided to put them all together in one package.”

One of the highlights on the entire Tulsa Years set is the classic Twilley ballad, “Goodbye,” which fans first took notice of way back in 1999: “We were recording an album called Tulsa and doing it right here in Tulsa. For the album to be happy, you needed to throw a little ‘Goodbye.’ It didn’t necessarily fit everything else. Sometimes that’s exactly what an album needs to be happy.”

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