Ed Sheeran Recording Songwriting Sessions In Wake Of Copyright Lawsuit

Recent claims of plagiarism have caused Ed Sheeran to begin filming all of his songwriting sessions.

The singer told the BBC, “Now I just film everything, everything is on film. We’ve had claims come through on the songs and we go, ‘Well here’s the footage and you watch. You’ll see there’s nothing there.'”

He says that being sued for copyright infringement has tainted the sonwriting process, adding,

“I personally think the best feeling in the world is the euphoria around the first idea of writing a great song.

“That feeling has now turned into ‘oh wait, let’s stand back for a minute’. You find yourself in the moment, second-guessing yourself.”

Last week (April 6th), London’s High Court ruled in favor of Sheeran and said that he had not “deliberately or subconsciously” copied the work of Sami Switch for 2017’s Shape of You.

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