Eminem Didn’t Disobey The NFL When He Took A Knee

Although reports circulated last night that Eminem disobeyed the NFL by taking a knee to honor Colin Kaepernick during his SuperBowl halftime show performance, the NFL says that is not the case. The Puck reported that the NFL warned the performers to no take a knee, but journalist Ryan Glasspiegel revealed that NFL reps said players have been taking knees since 2016 without sanctions, so musical talent wouldn’t be held to a different standard.

Meanwhile, Sports Illustrated‘s Albert Breer also confirmed no rules were broken per the NFL’s spokesperson Brian McCarthy. McCarthy said, “Report was erroneous. We watched all elements of the show during numerous rehearsals this week.”

Meanwhile, The Puck also suggested that Dr. dre performing “Still D.R.E” and the lyrics “Still not loving police” did make SuperBowl organizers “uncomfortable” as did Snoop’s blue outfit but they decided not to censor either to avoid a “divisive cultural moment.”


In related news, social media also reacted to the NFL mistaking Jhene Aiko for Mickey Guyton at the SuperBowl. Guyton performed the National Anthem, and when it was time to introduce Jhene to perform “America The Beautiful,” they panned to a shot of Mickey again.

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