Emma Thompson Once ‘Spent Two Delightful Days Nude With Jeff Goldblum’

Emma Thompson Calls Intimacy Coordinators ‘fantastically Important’
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In an interview with Vanity Fair published on Tuesday (October 4th), Emma Thompson commented on filming a nude scene with Jeff Goldblum for the 1989 film The Tall Guy.

“I spent two delightful days nude with Jeff Goldblum when I was in my 20s,” she told the publication.

The Love Actually actress continued, “We were both so nervous. We both had indigestion I think for two weeks beforehand. But once we got into it, we just had the best time.”

Thompson shared that this positive experience helped her film nude scenes in other movies, such as her latest film Good Luck to You, Leo Grande. “That has always stood me in good stead because I always remember thinking, ‘Oh, it’s OK, it’s fine. It’s all right.’ As long as you are calm, everyone else is calm.”

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