Fans Choose Top 30 Nirvana Tracks

Nirvana fans have spoken and voted for the band’s Top 30 tracks, with posting the list and the backstory behind each song.

Not surprisingly, the 1991 Kurt Cobain-written Nevermind classic, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” came in at Number One, followed by that album’s “Lithium” at Number Two, with the Top Three rounded out by “Heart-Shaped Box” — the lead single from 1993’s In Utero.

Bassist Krist Novoselic told us appreciates the interest fans continue to have in Nirvana. “I do. I love Nirvana fans. I love Kurt and I love Dave, and I feel great to have played music with them. In some ways I’ve been finding out that Nirvana represents an evolution of consciousness for people and I think that’s something to be really proud of.”

Nirvana’s brief-but brilliant career has been analyzed and marked as a turning point in modern rock. Dave Grohl told us a while back that the bottom line was that Nirvana simply loved to rock out: “There was a lot of that crazy, heavy element in Nirvana. Y’know, the one thing that Nirvana was against was just the bull****.”

THE TOP 30 NIRVANA SONGS – according to the readers of

1. “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
2. “Lithium”
3. “Heart-Shaped Box”
4. “Come As You Are”
5. “All Apologies”
6. “Aneurysm”
7. “Drain You”
8. “Breed”
9. “In Bloom”
10. “You Know You’re Right”
11. “Territorial Pissings”
12. “Lounge Act”
13. “Where Did You Sleep Last Night”
14. “About A Girl”
15. “Pennyroyal Tea”
16. “Rape Me”
17. “Negative Creep”
18. “The Man Who Sold The World”
19. “Sliver”
20. “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle”
21. “Something In The Way”
22. “Sappy”
23. “Scentless Apprentice”
24. “On A Plain”
25. “Polly”
26. “Serve The Servants”
27. “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter”
28. “Milk It”
29. “Dive”
30. “Love Buzz”

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