Fans React To Request For BTS To Reconsider ‘Indefinite’ Break

A Korean Singers Association chairwoman has made a request for BTS to reconsider their “indefinite” break from group activities to focus on solo work and their fans are reacting.

Lee Jayeon, the chairwoman, said, “Since it’s not easy to expect next BTS or Beatles, I’m afraid that the Hallyu flow would be cut. I know it’s a decision made after a lot of consideration, but I do wish they would reconsider. If BTS disappears, then the Hallyu missionaries ARMY also disappear.”

Despite Jayeon’s statement, no members of BTS have taken steps towards quitting music or any other career endeavors.

One fan said, “Respect BTS as humans and artists. If u care so much about the economy, find sustainable long term solutions for industries to thrive, not rely on 7 people to carry the weight of your nation.”

Another fan wrote, “Let them rest. Let them take a break. Let them pursue anything they want. Let them grow as artists. They don’t owe you anything. Took you a while to realize that the industry will be nothing without them. Now go cry somewhere else.”

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