Foo Fighters Release Thrash-Based ‘March Of The Insane’ Lyric Video

Foo Fighters have just released the lyric video for “March Of The Insane” — as featured in their upcoming movie Studio 666. The song is released under the moniker Dream Widow and billed as being “From their never released self-titled album.”

Studio 666, opens on February 25th, The horror-comedy stars the band and features appearances by Lionel Richie, Whitney Cummings, Jeff Garlin, and Will Forte. Studio 666 was directed BJ McDonnell and based on an original story by Dave Grohl.

2022 is shaping up to be a major touring year for Foo Fighters. We caught up with Dave Grohl a while back and he shed light on how the band decides on its setlists from year-to-year: “You’ve got to change it up. To keep things interesting musically, like, that’s our lifeline, y’know, and to experiment and do things we’ve never done before. So at this point, the show’s like two-hours-long, y’know? So we go out every night and we play all the loud, old rock stuff, we play all the loud new rock stuff, we play acoustic stuff, newer acoustic stuff, we just kind of change it up a little bit.” SOUNDCUE

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