Foreigner Talks About Farewell Tour

45 Years Ago Today!!! Foreigner Releases Self Titled Debut
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Foreigner is in the midst of its open-ended Historic Farewell Tour, but live performances may not be the only thing we hear from the band. Frontman Kelly Hansen and bassist Jeff Pilson, who have been Foreigner mainstays since 2005 and 2004 respectively, tell us that there is new music around, which will be the band’s first since 2009’s Can’t Slow Down album — save “The Flame Still Burns” for the 2016 compilation 40. Pilson told us this: “We have a really good problem to have, which is too many hits and you don’t want…etc. it’s always a battle to figure out what’s best :31 ( OC: figure out what’s best)

Foreigner currently has Historic Farewell Tour dates booked into March of 2024 and has not yet announced when the final show will be.

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