Gary Cherone Sheds Light On Unheard Van Halen Material

Eddie Van Halen ‘autopsy’ Episode Airs Thie Weekend

Extreme‘s Gary Cherone revealed that there’s still a wealth of unheard music in the vaults from his late-’90s stint fronting Van Halen. transcribed some of Cherone’s chat with Brazil’s A Radio Rock, in which he explained, “After the VH III (album). . . we toured (and) went back in the studio, and we wrote a bunch of songs. Some of them are just rough demos; some of them were more finished products.”

He went on to say, “As far as if they ever see the light of day, I don’t know, maybe someday. Alex Van Halen is the boss of that, but you never know. But I can say some of those songs are really good.”

Bassist Michael Anthony recently told Eddie Trunk, “There is a plan. We’re starting a bunch of the reissue stuff with the Sammy (Hagar) years, with all his albums. . . So there is movement in there. We’re digging back into stuff. There’s a lot more stuff at Ed (Van Halen’s) 5150 studio; Wolfie (Van Halen) or Alex will start going through stuff there and see what there is. There’s a ton of stuff.”

A while back Gary Cherone spoke about his time fronting the mighty Van Halen: “Those guys were awesome. (We) did an album, did a tour, started to write stuff for the second record and I guess and due to some personal, some frustrating moments, parts on my part — this wasn’t coming from the band — whether there was pressure from the label, the talk of Dave (Lee Roth) and all that stuff, it just seemed the time and place to move on. All I can say that those guys were absolutely great to me.”

Out now is Extreme’s latest album, titled Six. The album’s lead single, “Rise,” has hit Number Three on the Classic Rock charts.

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