Gene Simmons Says The Grateful Dead Was ‘A Snore’ In Concert

Gene Simmons has never been among those to hold his tongue — whether onstage with Kiss or when discussing rock n’ roll.

During a recent appearance on Dean Delray‘s Let There Be Talk podcast, Simmons couldn’t help but share his disdain for fellow Rock and Roll Hall of Famers — the Grateful Dead: “The English gave us Led Zeppelin; we gave the world the Grateful Dead. Come on! A guy with a beard holding his guitar close to his neck (laughter) — that’s just not cool. Good luck to everybody. I’ve gone to one or two of their shows and, look, I’ve got Grateful Dead fans who I like and all that stuff — (the band was) the biggest snore I’ve ever seen. And by the way, it’s like a sausage fest. There’s not a chick in sight. Nowhere. It’s like a Rush concert, one of my favorite bands. (Dean Delray): Oh yeah, totally! (Gene Simmons): You can’t find a chick within a mile of that place.”

Kiss kicks off its North American dates on September 21st at West Palm Beach’s IThink Financial Amphitheare.

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