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LINDSEY PEARLMAN FOUND DEAD AFTER BEING REPORTED MISSING: According to E! News, General Hospital actress Lindsey Pearlman was found dead on Friday (February 18th), five days after she went missing. She was 43 years old. Pearlman was last seen on February 13th in the Thai Town neighborhood in Hollywood, miles from where her body was later discovered. A missing person’s report stated that she “failed to return home,” which concerned her friends and family. Savannah Pearlman, Lindsey’s cousin, wrote on Twitter Friday (February 13th), “I’m deeply sad to report that they have found Lindsey, and it was too late.” Details surrounding Pearlman’s death have not yet been released.

MOSES J. MOSELEY MAY NOT HAVE COMMITTED SUICIDE: TMZ reports that the death of Walking Dead‘s Moses J. Moseley may have been the result of foul play. Moseley was found dead in his car “with a bullet wound to his head and a gun sitting in his lap” on January 26th. While cops previously believed Moseley took his own life, a family member told the outlet that the bullet’s entrance as well as Moseley’s grip on the gun suggests that might not be the case. “It is important to note, the case is still currently open/active and ALL possibilities and leads are being thoroughly investigated,” the police captain said.

BEYONCE AND ZENDAYA ARE RUMORED TO REVIVE IMITATION OF LIFE: According to Elle, Beyonce and Zendaya are reportedly working on a remake of the 1934 film Imitation of Life, which explores the themes of race, motherhood, and gender. Zendaya, who starred in Beyonce‘s “All Night” music video in 2016, has previously said, “I’m just obsessed with Beyonce and have been since my birth.” The project is allegedly in the early stages of development.

THE BATMAN TRAILER RELEASED AT NBA ALL STAR PRE-GAME: Deadline reports a surprise release for the trailer of The Batman occurred at the NBA All Stars pre-game on Sunday (February 20th). Broadcaster Brian Anderson was transitioning to a commercial break when something strange happened to the video board outside the arena. “You guys getting this in the truck? Something’s happening outside,” Anderson said. “Hold up, is that the Bat-Signal? I think the Batman’s on the roof. And I can’t believe what I’m seeing.”

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