Is Kanye West Really In Cardi B’s ‘Hot Sh*t’ Video?

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Cardi B dropped the video for her new single “Hot Sh*t” featuring Kanye West and Lil Durk and fans wondered if Kanye was really in the video or if its an animated version of the rapper. The rapper appeared in the video with a mask on. One person tweeted, , “Y’alllll, ummmm was that actually Kanye in the Cardi ‘Hot Sh*t’ video?!? He didn’t take off the mask AND Cardi was never next to him.”

Meanwhile, Cardi B has opened up about becoming a mom early on in her career. She told Vogue Singapore, “There weren’t a lot of artists out there who had babies at the beginning of their career. I didn’t have an album out when I found out I was pregnant.”

She continued, “Everybody was so nervous for my career and future, but I kept telling them, ‘It’s easy. Trust me, I’m going to have a nanny and she’s going to travel up and down with me. It’s not even going to be a hassle.'”

Cardi said she’s never had a nanny for her children Kulture and Wave. She said, “When the baby got here, I couldn’t even think about getting a nanny because I was afraid of anybody being around her besides my family. I’ve never had a nanny for Kulture.’

She added, “I’m exhausted. I’ve been overwhelmed and scared. I started to think about how my mum had to go through this a lot because my sister and I used to always fall sick at the same time. I’ve never appreciated my mum more — having kids helps you see things a little bit different.”

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