James Corden Admits To Being ‘Rude’ At Balthazar

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James Corden addressed the recent controversy regarding his behavior at the New York City restaurant Balthazar on The Late Late Show Monday night (October 24th). This comes one week after the restaurant’s owner said Corden was the “most abusive” customer and briefly banned him from dining there.

“I made a rude comment,” Corden said. “And it was wrong. It was an unnecessary comment. It was ungracious to the server.”

He also directly addressed the comments he made about his wife’s food, explaining that she has been served food she is allergic to on three occasions.

“In the heat of the moment, I made a sarcastic, rude comment about cooking it myself. And it is a comment I deeply regret,” the talk show host said. He added that he himself worked at restaurants “for years.”

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