Jane’s Addiction Taps Josh Klinghoffer For Upcoming Tour Dates

Perry Farrell & Billy Corgan Commiserate Over Troubled Childhoods

Jane’s Addiction posted a message to fans on social media explaining that former-Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer will join them on tour. The band is forging ahead with a string of domestic and foreign March dates without guitarist Dave Navarro, who’s been suffering from long covid.

The band — Perry Farrell, bassist Eric Avery, and drummer Stephen Perkins posted a message on Facebook, which reads:

We’d like to address the questions surrounding Dave and the upcoming Jane’s shows. As a band we are in a great place, writing new music, and the bond is tighter than ever. We all hope Dave can be out playing with us; when he feels healthy and ready.

For the near future, our brother Josh Klinghoffer will jump in for the upcoming shows on the West Coast, South America and some additional international shows to be announced soon. We want to thank you for being there with us over these thirty some odd odd years. You know, we’re going to keep throwing down for you.

Perry, Eric, and Stephen

Not too long ago, Perry Farrell told us that he counts himself lucky to have found his place in the world through Jane’s Addiction: “Well, y’know, I still cherish being in Jane’s Addiction, as hard as it is, y’know? I can’t say that my band and I are friends, and there was a time we didn’t like each other at all, but I would say that I love being in Jane’s Addiction so much, it overrides any kind of like shortcomings I might see in them and they might see in me.”

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