Jason Newsted Doesn’t Listen To New Metallica Music

Former-Metallica bassist Jason Newsted revealed he hasn’t listened to the band’s new music since quitting back in 2001. During a chat with Metal Hammer magazine, Newsted was asked when he last checked out one of the band’s albums after departing and admitted, “Never. I heard the one where they made the video in prison (St. Anger). I heard one song with my dad while we were riding in the car in Michigan, because the radio is still pretty wed to Metallica, and it went on for f***ing ever. It was eight minutes on the radio, and I went, ‘What the f*** are they doing?’ No disrespect, but I didn’t get it.”

Newsted touched upon his relationship — or lack thereof — with his former-bandmembers today, explaining, “I still talk to Lars (Ulrich) a fair bit, and I send him my stuff and he’s always super-supportive. I really appreciate it, and I respect his opinion. If he called me and asked if I wanted to throw down, I’d say yes, but I’m not sure if I’d say yes to anyone else.”

Back in the day, Metallica guitarist James Hetfield told us there were no ill feeling towards Jason Newsted and his decision to leave the group: “Everything was extremely amicable. But when I call his number, it like goes, (imitates phone noise of incomplete call) ‘Boo doo doop,’ so I don’t know. What does that mean? (laughs)”

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