Joe Perry Says Kurt Cobain Was A Big Aerosmith Fan

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Aerosmith‘s Joe Perry remembered his one-off meeting with the late-Kurt Cobain in the early-1990’s.

Perry recalled to Classic Rock, “He was pretty quiet. He just wanted to hang out. He came in the dressing room with Courtney (Love) and kind of just sat around with us. He was a normal guy. When he went off to the bathroom, Courtney — who was very verbal — said: “He loves you guys. He doesn’t like anybody, but he loves you guys.” I had nothing but respect for the guy. He was an amazing songwriter and performer, and to hear that was great.”

Perry explained that he was always open to new music as it sprang up: “Record companies would have you believe that the new generation hated the last generation. I think I was the only guy in Aerosmith that loved the Sex Pistols. It was like: ‘What are you listening to that trash for? They can’t even play.'”

He went on to say, “I went to see the Foo Fighters a few years ago, they asked me to come and sit in with them. They have a warm-up room where they have all the instruments set up so they can go in and jam. And they knew every Aerosmith song cold. I couldn’t believe it, I was embarrassed. They were playing songs that I hadn’t played in thirty years. There was no bull***, they were fans, but being able to play some of those songs and know those riffs off the top of their heads, it was like: “Holy s***!”

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