John Mellencamp Doesn’t Listen To His Own Records

Despite writing and recording some of the best loved music in the entire rock era, John Mellencamp admitted he has no interest in listening to his past work. Mellencamp just released his 24th album, Strictly A One-Eyed Jack, which hit Number Five on the Billboard Folk Albums chart.

For Mellencamp music has always been about what’s next rather than in the rearview: “I never listen to my old records. Never. The only time I’ll ever listen to an old record is when we’re ready to go out on tour and I think, ‘What can I put in the show that I’ve never done or ever played live?’ ‘Cause, there’s some songs that I have to play — and those are easy. But then, there’s still another hour of show and I don’t wanna play the same songs over and over. And, y’know, guys in the band’ll make a suggestion — ‘Y’know, we haven’t done ‘Jackie Brown’ for 10 years, you wanna do ‘Jackie Brown’ again?'”

Although he’s aware of his legacy, Mellencamp told us that he spends virtually no time dwelling on the past: “I never think about that stuff. I’m glad those records were made — and I was there when they were bein’ made and I don’t really think about it. Y’know, I’m already writin’ songs for a new record, so that’s how far ahead I am. I’m talking to you about a record that’s been done for a year-and-a-half, so I’m already onto writin’ new songs.”

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