John Mellencamp Spotlights Bruce Springsteen: ‘Guitarist’

John Mellencamp is proud of that fact that Bruce Springsteen offered up some killer guitar work on his newly-released album, Strictly A One-Eyed Jack. “The Boss” is featured on three tracks in total — both singing and on guitar.

We caught up with Mellencamp who shed light on how the joint sessions went down: “He’s playing guitar on ‘(A) Life Full Of Rain’ — he’s playin’ the lead. ‘Cause Bruce started out as a lead guitar player — he wasn’t so much the singer of the band as he was the guitar player. So he had that ability to play that type of guitar. Y’know, we didn’t know what he was gonna do. He just showed up, I said, ‘Whaddya think about singin’ a duet on this song?’ — and he goes ‘Sure.'” SOUNDCUE

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