John Mellencamp: ‘We’ve Been Lied To By Schools, The Government, & Churches’

John Mellencamp Has Choice Words For Rowdy Audience
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John Mellencamp had some choice words about life in America today. The singer/songwriter is currently out on the road in support of his 25th studio set, Orpheus Descending and, as always, spoke candidly about the times we live in, telling The Los Angeles Times, “We’ve been lied to by schools, by the government, by the f***ing laws we live under, by men, by women, our churches and families. We are all in solitary confinement inside our own bodies.”

Regarding the right leaning legislation against abortion, Mellencamp said, “It’s a woman’s body and she should be able to do what she wants. How in the f*** can you say, ‘Oh, you can’t kill babies,’ but then you want guns for everybody? And politicians who offer thoughts and prayers in the wake of mass shootings? That, to me, just says you don’t care.”

Mellencamp also had some very specific thoughts on the Supreme Court and believed the late-Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg should’ve resigned: “Her ego wouldn’t let her stop.” In regard to the Supreme Court, he said, “Get rid of it. It’s just another branch of the government that doesn’t work. . . Just mind your own business, leave other people alone and help your neighbor if you can.”

Mellencamp, who although signed to a major record label for distribution purposes takes no critique from the label heads and operates with full creative autonomy. He explained he never wanted to start his own record label, due to the fact he hates “the business of selling. . . I don’t like businessmen, and I don’t like cops. They’re dangerous people. . . I’ve always been an outsider; I’m going to stay an outsider.”

Not too long ago, John Mellencamp told us that the environment in America has gotten him worried about the polarization between people across the country: “You can hardly walk down the street without hearing a conversation or people mad at each other, or read articles in (the) newspaper where people are mad, and I just don’t think that’s the way this country’s supposed to be run. People are not supposed to hate each other in this country.”

John Mellencamp next performs on June 14th at Syracuse, New York’s Landmark Theatre.

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