Johnny Depp’s Lawyers Say ‘Domestic Violence Doesn’t Have A Gender’

On Good Morning America Wednesday (June 8th), Johnny Depp‘s lawyers responded to the message that “women’s rights are moving backward” due to the verdict in Depp’s defamation trial, made by a spokesperson for Amber Heard.

Host George Stephanopoulos touched on the trial’s effects on domestic violence overall, saying, “Victims’ advocates have argued that the verdict is going to have a chilling effect on domestic-violence victims and it’s a blow to the #MeToo movement.”

To this, Camille Vasquez replied, “I think our response to that is that we encourage any victim to come forward. Domestic violence doesn’t have a gender.”

“So you don’t see this as a setback in any way, shape or form?” Stephanopoulos asked.

“We do not. We believe that the verdict speaks for itself; the facts are what they are. The jury made a unanimous decision based on those facts,” Vazquez said.

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