Joshua Jackson Opens Up About His Marriage With Jodie Turner-Smith

Joshua Jackson Shares What He’s Learned About Being A First Time Parent

Before meeting his wife, Jodie Turner-Smith, Joshua Jackson didn’t know if he’d ever get married or have kids. The Dawson’s Creek star told The Times in an interview published Sunday (April 16th) that timing made all the difference.

“Partially, it’s age,” he told the outlet. “I’m old enough to be able to do this. Partially it’s about finding somebody in the right moment of life.”

He continued, “If we had met five years earlier we probably would have had a torrid affair, but all the rest of this stuff, I was just not ready. I didn’t think I ever wanted to get married.”

The couple now share a three-year-old daughter named Janie. “It is impossible for me to look into the face of my child without feeling love for my wife,” he said. As for being a father, he added, “It has changed me in every single possible way.”

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