Joshua Jackson Shares What He’s Learned About Being A First-Time Parent

Joshua Jackson Shares What He’s Learned About Being A First Time Parent

Joshua Jackson opened up to E! News recently about his first few years as a father. The Dawson’s Creek star shares his two-year-old daughter, Janie, with his wife, Jodie Turner-Smith.

“You don’t know anything. You just don’t know anything until you get started. You don’t have a choice. You dive right in one way or another r,” he said. The Fringe actor added, “It doesn’t matter how many classes or conversations or helpful aunts or parents, you don’t know anything and then you learn everything. The baby teaches you as you go.”

Jackson also shared that Janie recently learned how to hang up on him over FaceTime. “The most recent discovery was the hang up button on FaceTime,” he said. “This is less cool for me because now she just tells me, ‘Dada, can’t talk now. I’ll call you when I wake up.’ Click!”

He added, “Yeah, she calls it the bye bye button. Yeah, she knows what she wants. She’s a boss lady.”

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