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Steve Perry Suing Former Journey Bandmates
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The completed inner-workings of Journey continue to make headlines as former-frontman Steve Perry has dropped his legal claim against the band’s corporate entity for trademarking the titles to 20 of its songs. Guitarist Neal Schon posted on a social media the letter he’d received from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, which states, quote, “Petitioner, without the written consent of Respondent, filed a withdrawal of the petition for cancellation on January 4, 2023. . . In view thereof. . . the petition for cancellation is denied with prejudice.” This means that Perry cannot file that same suit again against the corporation.

Ultimate Classic Rock reported that Schon not only teased that the end of the legal skirmish might signal some type of reconnection between the estranged former-bandmates, but took the opportunity to slam keyboardist Jonathan Cain, posting: “So much for (Cain) trying to throw me under the bus as he claimed I was blatantly trying to rip off (Perry) while collecting the checks for the very diligent work my wife and I did to protect our Merch. Time for coffee.”


According to a December 12th cease and desist letter uncovered by The New York Post, in addition to recently filing suit against Jonathan Cain Neal Schon has issues with Cain’s wife.

According to Schon’s complaint, Paula White-Cain — Cain’s minister wife and Donald Trump‘s personal spiritual advisor — has been accused of “allegedly giving herself access to the band’s bank accounts without Schon’s knowledge or consent.”

The complaint, which claims that White-Cain’s signatures appear “as an authorized signatory” on the band’s account, goes on to state: “We further demand that you immediately cease and desist and refrain in the future from inserting yourself in any business of the band and any legal entities used by the band as this contradicts the existing agreement between Mr. Schon and Mr. Cain.” (The New York Post)

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