Kanye Wanted Windows, Electricity Removed From Malibu Home

Kanye West And Chancey Jones Split After Five Months

Kanye West is being sued by a man named Tony Saxon, who claims Ye hired him in September of 2021 to be the project manager and caretaker of his then recently-purchased $57 million home in Malibu. Saxon says he worked 16-hour days and slept on the floor while trying to accomodate West’s unusual plans for the property. Things reached a boiling point in November 2021 when Ye — who had allegedly only paid Saxon for a week of work at that point — instructed him to remove all of the home’s windows and electricity. When Saxon “expressed concerns about the extreme danger of such actions,” Kanye allegedly threatened him and said he would be considered “an enemy” if he didn’t comply. Ye didn’t want to be a “slave” to modern conveniences, Saxon said, or “accessible” to the government. “He wants to have no doors, no windows, no fixtures, just concrete.” But Saxon held his ground and was ultimately told by Kanye to “get the hell out.” He’s now suing for unpaid wages, plus damages.

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