Kanye West Asks Paparazzi To Stop Filming Him

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Kanye West recently had a few words for paparazzi as they were filming him and his new wife Bianca Censori. When a paparazzi approached him, asking how his honeymoon went with Censori, Kanye said, “Just stop!… Bro, just stop…” He told the pap that their actions were “antagonistic.” He explained, “You don’t even know. You guys just jump up on people like this…”

He continued, “The first time I ever took medication — was because I got mad at paparazzi… the same one that shot Britney Spears… There has to be some kind of balance, some type of conversation.”

Ye added, “I can’t live in California — and in my life — like I’m some sort of caged animal to be judged and photographed…”

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