Kanye West Speaks On ‘Deathcon’ Comments In New Song

Kanye West reference his “Deathcon 3” comments in a new song. The rapper posted lyrics to a new song on to Instagram yesterday (December 7th), writing, “Waking up to / I can’t do this anymore text / And The Bible said / I can’t have anymore sex / Till marriage / And no drip till Paris / And the meek shall flurish.”

The verse continued, ” And everyone’s a Karen / When they claim they care and / Wasn’t given a fair hand / Getting calls from parents / God calls for prayer rants.”

Ye contiued, “You know honestly / Yall all honor me / I know it’s cause the headlines / Why she wanna leave. I ain’t never rock with none of y’all no way / And I’m pulling up in that white OJ / And the watch filled up with Oshays / that’s Jackson cause it’s nasty / Tweeted deathcon / Now we past three / Tweeted deathcon / Now we past three.”

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