Keke Palmer, Jonah Hill, Hayley Atwell + More!

Quinta Brunson, Keke Palmer, Mo’nique + More!

KEKE PALMER TELLS ‘NEW MOMS’ TO ‘DO YOU’ FOLLOWING BOYFRIEND’S PUBLIC SHAMING: In an interview with The Cut published on Monday (July 10th), Keke Palmer told fellow “new moms” to “do you,” after her boyfriend Darius Jackson publicly shamed her for what she wore to an Usher concert. “it’s the outfit tho .. you a mom,” he wrote at the time. “I’ll be honest, I think before I even had the baby, I was really actually quite self-conscious,” the Nope actress told the outlet. “After having my baby, I’ve gotten so much more powerful. We’re going to lean into this new body, and I think that is the whole aura of what’s happening with me in this big boss era as I come into my 30s, and I have my baby boy, and I’m just continuing to spread my wings as a young woman.” As for what advice she’d give to the fellow moms out there who supported her, Palmer said, “Do you, new moms. Do you. Girl, if there’s one person on this earth that loves you for sure, it’s that baby. Be happy, because there’s no love like it. Somebody loving you like that, hell, who cares?”

SARAH BRADY SAYS SHE WAITED TO SHARE JONAH HILL’S TEXT MESSAGES UNTIL AFTER HIS BABY WAS BORN: Jonah Hill‘s ex-girlfriend Sarah Brady shared on Instagram Sunday (July 9th) that she waited to share his “emotionally abusive” text messages until after his current girlfriend, Olivia Millar, gave birth to their child. “I didn’t want Millar to have to see all of this while she was pregnant because I didn’t know what kind of stress that would cause her and her baby physically,” the surfer explained in a voice memo. Brady added that she hopes Millar saw her posts so that she can “make an informed decision of how she wants to care for herself and her baby.”

HAYLEY ATWELL RESPONDS TO TOM CRUISE ROMANCE RUMORS: Hayley Atwell is shutting down the speculation that she and her Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One costar Tom Cruise are dating. Atwell told The Independent that she views Cruise and the film’s director, Chris McQuarrie, as her “two uncles,” making the romance rumors “weird” and “grubby.” She added that it’s also “upsetting” because “it’s involving people in my actual life, my personal life, who have to be on the receiving end of that. It becomes invasive.”

MARGOT ROBBIE SAYS SHE THANKS FANS WHO MISTAKE HER FOR EMMA MACKEY: Margot Robbie doesn’t correct fans when they mistake her for Emma Mackey. The Barbie star told BuzzFeed recently, “When people come up and say, ‘I loved you in Sex Education,’ I just say, ‘Thank you. Thank you so much.'”

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