Lewis Capaldi Presented With Statue By His Former School

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Lewis Capaldi was presented with a bronze statue Sunday (May 21st) from the secondary school that he attended as a child.

NME reports that a handful of students and staff members at St. Kentigern’s Academy in Blackburn, West Lothian took six months to complete the art project.

Bryan Johnston, the school’s principal art teacher, said that they intentionally took an “unusual” approach, giving the statue bulging eyes and noticeably thin fingers.

Johnston told The Daily Record, “The art department at the school came up with the concept, and it went from there. We sourced a mannequin from a guy in Glasgow, took it back to school and built around it. The biggest challenge we faced was getting the face to look not quite right and a bit unusual and it went from there.”

According to the outlet, the student artists responsible for the likeness were invited to Capaldi’s concert Sunday (May 21st) night in Glasgow.

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