Lizzo Addresses ‘Daily’ Posts About Her Weight

Lizzo Is Back In The Recording Studio

Lizzo took to social media to reveal that she has thought about quitting because of daily posts about her weight. One Twitter user shared a photo of Lizzo, along with the caption, “How is Lizzo still THIS fat when she’s constantly moving this much on stage?! I wonder what she must be eating.”

Lizzo responded, “I JUST logged on and the app and this is the type of sh*t I see about me on a daily basis. It’s really starting to make me hate the world. Then someone in the comments said I eat ‘lots of fast food’ I LITERALLY STOPPED EATING FAST FOOD YEARS AGO…”

She continued, “I’m tired of explaining myself all the time and I just wanna get on this app w/out seeing my name in some bullsh*t. Yall speak on sh*t y’all know NOTHING ABOUT and I’m starting to get heated.”

Lizzo went on, “The Love definitely do not outweigh the Hate on social media… all because I’m fat???? This is CRAZY.”

She added, “Y’all don’t know how close I be to giving up on everyone and quitting and enjoying my money and my man on a F*CKING FARM….”

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