Lizzo Performs ‘Creep’ By Radiohead After-Show Karaoke Party

Lizzo Is Back In The Recording Studio

Lizzo shared a look at what she does during her off-time while on tour, sharing a video on Instagram in which she’s seen singing Radiohead’s hit “Creep” during a recent karaoke outings. She captioned the clip: “What does Lizzo do after her shows?” Why, sing one of the biggest alt-radio hits of the ’90s, of course.”

This isn’t the first time that Lizzo has shared her love for Radiohead. She told Vanity Fair in October that while in school, she had to keep Radiohead’s OK Computer album hidden because all of her friends were “listening to what was on the radio” and she “didn’t want to be made fun of.”

By time Lizzo’s ‘Special Tour’ has finally finished, she will have performed 80 shows across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

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