Lizzo Reluctantly Takes A Shot Of Tequila From Her Shoe In Australia

Lizzo Is Back In The Recording Studio

Lizzo performed in Sydney over the weekend and the audience initiated her into the popular Australian tradition of “the shoey,” or drinking from her shoe before putting it back on. “Take a drink from my shoe? Is that what you’re saying?” a confused Lizzo asks in video of the moment. Fortunately, she had some tequila nearby and decided to cut corners a bit by putting the bottle into her shoe rather than pouring directly into it. “A reminder that this is f*cked up,” she told the crowd.

Lizzo geared up for the shot with a reference to her song, “About Damn Time,” announcing: “Here goes nothing, b*tch.” She then added “F*ck Australia” afterwards, to huge applause. “How are you guys still walking if that’s how you take shots? I am scared that we’re not going to get through the rest of the show if I don’t start singing and singing soon.”

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