Lizzo Speaks Out On Texas’ Anti-Trans Legislation

Lizzo is speaking out against Texas governor Greg Abbott‘s decision to treat gender-affirmative childcare as child abuse. According to Rolling Stone, during a keynote conversation at SXSW this past weekend, Lizzo said, “I’m proud to rep Houston but I’m not proud to rep Texan politics right now. There are very regressive laws being passed. They’re taking away the right for young children to have a chance to live authentically as themselves. It’s a violation of human rights. Trans rights are human rights.”

She also weighed in on the restrictive abortion law, saying, “We got a lotta other things we need to be handling instead of y’all being in people’s homes and telling them what to do with their bodies and being all up in their uteruses. The abortion ban is atrocious as well. Mind your business. Stay out of my body.”

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