Margaret Cho Comments On Bisexual Invisibility

This Pride Month, Margaret Cho shared her thoughts on “bi invisibility” in a recent interview PopSugar. “We still have a lot of bi invisibility within the queer community, and a lot of bi discrimination, as well. And bi invisibility is, it’s hard to sort of negotiate,” she told the publication.

Cho continued, “Whatever decision you make in terms of relationship is somehow wrong. If you are with somebody of your own gender, that means, oh, you are gay. You were just closeted by pretending to be bi. Or, if you go with somebody from a different gender, oh, you’re straight. You were just pretending to be gay for pay.”

“I don’t know anybody who’s gay for pay,” she said, laughing. “It doesn’t pay enough to be gay.”

Cho added, “But it’s a very funny thing how bi-ness is really negated, no matter where you turn. . . . We’re sort of gaslit by every community, and trying to figure that out, it’s very hard.”

The All American Girl actress also shared that she asked Joel Kim Booster for a role in Fire Island. “So, I was trying to get a cameo on the movie, and they couldn’t figure out a cameo role, but they had this role available that was for a man, Aaron.” Lo and behold, Aaron became Erin.

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