Michelle Young Wants ‘Bachelor’ Franchise To ‘Do Better’

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Entertainment Tonight spoke with former Bachelorette Michelle Young on Saturday (September 24th) about the Bachelorette finale not addressing Eric Schwer‘s Blackface controversy. Young said that the franchise needs to “do better.”

“If I’m going to stay a part of this franchise, this franchise is gonna change,” she shared. “And if it’s not going to change, then I’m going to take my energy somewhere else where I can make a change. And it’s a lot, it’s exhausting but I’m not going to continue to be a part of something that isn’t truly focused on changing with the times. We need to do better.”

Young continued, “We been through this with Matt James season, me being the runner up, called the token Black girl called whatever it is. I’ve already been through these types of feelings.”

She added, “And so, to go through it again, and after I was promised change, promised all these different things, I don’t take somebody’s word for it at this point.”

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