Mick Jagger Over Covid, Milan Show To Play As Scheduled

Mick Jagger posted a message on Instagram on Monday (June 20th) ensuring Rolling Stones fans he’s on board for tonight’s (June 21st) show at Milan, Italy’s San Siro Stadium.

Following Jagger testing positive for the Covid, the Stones postponed their June 13th Amsterdam show and the June 17th concert at Bern, Switzerland.

Mick Jagger was asked what he believes is the secret for the constant influx of new and younger Stones fans filling the massive stadiums around the world: “Well, the older ones that’ve got all the money bring the younger ones and pay for them, and the younger ones say, ‘alright.’ That, I mean it’s very gratifying. I mean, I think they, a lot of times, y’know, they’ve heard about you through their parents, or their older brothers or sisters, or something like that.”

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