Naomi Watts Opens Up About Going Through Menopause At 36

Naomi Watts detailed her experience going through menopause at the age of 36 in an interview with Hello Magazine published on Monday (July 24th). The I Heart Huckabees actress said she felt like she was “spiraling out of control” at the time.

“Going through menopause at such a young age was not easy, especially during a time when there was so little information available about it,” the King Kong actress said. “Mood swings, night sweats, and migraines … I was feeling like I was spiraling out of control.”

The Watcher actress also believes the experience of menopause “hasn’t been adequately portrayed” on the big screen, and she looks forward to changing that. “I truly believe that if menopause hadn’t been such an off-limits topic when I first started experiencing symptoms, I would’ve had an easier transition,” she added.

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