Neighbors Are Not Psyched for Ed Sheeran’s Crypt

Ed Sheeran‘s plans to build a private burial chamber on his 16-acre Framlingham, U.K. estate is raising brows in his hood.

The 31-year-old wants to erect an energy-efficient chapel featuring stained glass windows, and folks are fine with that. It’s the brick, timber and concrete vault they take issue with. The NY Post reports.

“I feel I must comment on this plan for a place of worship in a garden,” objected area resident Anna Woods. “The area is well-served by local churches and I feel there is no need for a well-known person to create his own island of calm when lovely places of worship abound in the area.”

She feels that it says something about our culture more generally.

“Are celebrities now so detached from reality that their every living breath and now even the act of dying be apart from the rest of us?” said Woods of Sheeran’s application for a roughly double grave plot-sized burial area, designed to be accessible through a slab in the back of the church.

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