New David Crosby Live Set Coming Next Month

David Crosby Has Retired From The Road

Coming on November 25th on CD and DVD is David Crosby & The Lighthouse Band Live At The Capitol Theatre. Recorded on December 8th, 2018 at Port Chester, New York’s Capitol Theatre. On the set, Crosby is joined by guitarists Becca Stevens and Michael League, along with keyboardist Michelle Willis, with whom he’s been working with since 2016’s Lighthouse album.

Michelle Wills spoke about working with David Crosby in a statement:

He has gifted us his friendship, care, wisdom, humor, family, and community. And in addition, he has given Mike, Becca and I endless tools to create something of beauty to offer. This is because he truly believes in music, and its ability to profoundly change and make better those who encounter it. I’m so grateful to have a fighter like Croz in my life.”

We asked David Crosby if he too looks at this late-stage wealth of great material and positive activity as a gift: “It does feel like that, yeah. There’s a pretty wide range — that has to do with two things; one, I’m in two bands. I’ve got two bands — one of them’s acoustic, the other one’s electric. That gives me a wide spread that way. And also, I write with other people. I don’t understand people that don’t. I guess they want all the (laughs) publishing for themselves, or something. But, for me, writing with other people really works. The other person seems to have something you didn’t. Always.”

The tracklisting to David Crosby & The Lighthouse Band Live at The Capitol Theatre is:

“The Us Below”
“Things We Do For Love”
“Vagrants Of Venice”
“What Are Their Names”
“By The Light Of Common Day”
“The City”
“Look In Their Eyes”
“Carry Me”
“Déjà Vu”

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