Nicki Minaj Teases On-Screen Collaboration With 50 Cent

Nicki Minaj may be teaming up with 50 Cent on the big screen. During a radio interview, when asked if she would work with 50 on a tv or film project, she said, “Maybe something is already in the works.”

When asked if she would be on 50’s Starz series “Power” or “BMF,” she said, “It’s something completely different that we might be talking about.”

Meanwhile, in another interview, Nicki Minaj talked about the sex position she was in when she conceived her son “Papa Bear.” She said, “I know what position I was in when I got pregnant.. Backshots.” She later advocated for women to “get on top,” saying “Ladies, please stop telling y’all man that y’all don’t wanna get on top and ride that d***k. This is very important. Go and learn how to ride because first of all, it feels great to the guy and to you.”

She continued, “My favorite position is, I like being on top…But then again, when you got a dude that just knows how to f**k really good, you start having positions that you didn’t know was your favorite, so you start getting new favorite positions! So now, I will say, they are all my fav’s now.. I been was on top, I like from the back, I like the side, I like reverse cowgirl.. I like it all.”

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