Official George Harrison CBD Joints Now Avaialble

The George Harrison estate has partnered with the hemp brand Dad Grass for the new signature line, “All Things Must Grass,” a play on the late-Beatle‘s 1970 classic solo album All Things Must Pass. The packaging also features the actual artwork to the famed triple-record set. The new CBD product was launched “to remember the legend, his album, and his love of good grass.”

According to the announcement: “The collection is led by George Harrison Signature Edition Pre Rolled Joints containing organic CBD and CBG blends for a mellow stress-relieving, mood-improving buzz. There’s also an All Things Must Grass Dad Stash (to hide your goods) as well as rolling papers, a rolling tray, an ashtray, matches, and merch.”

Rolling Stone reported, “The joints achieve this effect using a mixture of CBG and CBD — two non-psychoactive properties found in cannabis plants. Early studies suggest that both may help reduce pain, as well as symptoms related to depression and anxiety, among other benefits.” For more info, log on top:

During a 1982 chat on Good Morning Australia, George Harrison spoke frankly about his relationship — or lack thereof — with marijuana and hard drugs: “We smoked it and the best thing about that was that we used to drink whiskey and the moment marijuana came, we just knocked the whiskey on the head. But, y’know, it’s just like anything, it was not bad. I never, ever, wanted to know about heroin. I just kept away from it and a lot of my friends died — and they’re still dying, y’know? But I think — well, I was a bit lucky, I felt I had a tilt mechanism. Y’know, I could get a bit loaded, but I’d always cut out: ‘Okay, that’s enough. Now go and get straight.'”

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