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Paul McCartney‘s McCartney III standout, “Women And Wives” has been named Record Store Day’s “Song Of The Year.” The song, which will be released as a limited edition vinyl single on the 15th annual Record Store Day on April 23 and the June 18 RSD Drop, features McCartney’s original version on the A-side, backed with previous RSD U.S. Ambassador St. Vincent‘s remix from the McCartney III Imagined album.

In a statement by Record Store Day co-founder Michael Kurtz, “I was driving down a Montana highway one sunny, snowy morning when St. Vincent’s imagined version of ‘Women And Wives’ came on Sirius Radio. I was stunned by the song’s message of chasing the future. When St. Vincent’s Jeff Beck-like guitar solo arrived at the end, I got goosebumps. This is a classic McCartney song, up there with some of his best. Record Store Day is thrilled that we can celebrate ‘Women And Wives’ as our Song of the Year with a side-by-side 12-inch record, old school style.”


Paul McCartney has just uploaded a new 10-song Spotify playlist on his official site. Every month “Macca” posts a new “Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket” tracklist with a specific theme and for March — in celebration of his upcoming “Got Back” tour — his team has selected live versions of his hits, deep album cuts, and concert fan favorites.

Among the tracks picked for this month’s playlist include Wings‘ final chart-topper, “Coming Up (Live In Glasgow)” from 1980, “Let Me Roll It” from the 1974 One Hand Clapping soundtrack, “Get Back” from his 2007 Amoeba Gig set, a soundcheck performance of “I Wanna Be Your Man” from 1993’s Paul Is Live, and the barnstorming “Beware My Love” from 1976’s Wings Over America.

A message to fans on the site reads in part:

A Paul McCartney show is a once in a lifetime experience and if you’re anything like us you’ll be counting the days till he comes to your town – we’re less than 60 days away from Paul’s first live show of the year!

So whether you’re making a custom sign for the show, dreaming up the setlist or already planning on what to wear; we’ve complied a playlist full of some of our favorite live performances. . . Get ready for GOT BACK with the live edition of the ‘Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket’ playlist.

Paul McCartney recalled the emotions behind writing “Maybe I’m Amazed,” which is arguably, his first solo classic: “That was very much a song of the period. Y’know, when you’re kind of in love with someone and — God, it sounds, y’know, soppy, doesn’t it? But, when you are in love with someone, it’s new, like it was for me and Linda and the Beatles were sort of breaking up and stuff. That was my feeling.”

Nearly 50 years after recording it, the Band On The Run Wings standout “Let Me Roll It” remains a highlight of Paul McCartney’s live show: “The nice thing about ‘Let Me Roll It’ for me, is having a sort of distinctive guitar riff. We used to do a lot of riffs in the Beatles — and it’s not easy to keep coming up with ’em, but that (sings guitar riff) — and stand. . . Anyway, so, it’s kind of that theatrical thing of that, that I like. And then the song it’s a kind of slightly dramatic quality, where I used an echo that John used to use a lot. So, people thought the vocal sound was a bit like John Lennon — it’s the echo.”

Paul McCartney’s Live Spotify playlist for March 2022:

“Get Back”Amoeba Gig
“Maybe I’m Amazed” Wings Over America
“The Mess (Live At The Hague)”Wings Over Europe
“Dance Tonight” Amoeba Gig
“Best Friend (Live In Antwerp)”Wings Over Europe
“I Wanna Be Your Man (Live In Sydney)”Paul Is Live
“C Moon” Amoeba Gig
“Beware My Love” Wings Over America
“Let Me Roll It” (1974 ‘One Hand Clapping’ version) – Band On The Run
“Coming Upon (Live At Glasgow)”McCartney II

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