Paul McCartney Taps Film Tunes For New Spotify Playlist

Paul Mccartney Tops The Sunday Times’ Music ‘rich List’
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Paul McCartney has uploaded a new 11-song Spotify playlist on his official ( site. Every month McCartney’s team posts a new Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket tracklist sporting a specific theme. June’s “Blockbuster Pops” list tips its hat to the 50th anniversary to his Oscar-nominated theme to the 007 thriller Live And Let Die and features but a handful of songs “Macca” has composed over the years for the silver screen.

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From the heart-pounding thrill of “Live And Let Die” to a “New” delicious adventure in Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2, Paul’s music has always been transformative, not only in music but in cinematic narratives of many films.

So, to set the scene, we here at have collated a list of some of Paul’s most iconic soundtrack songs. So, sit back and grab the popcorn as we take a journey through some of our favorite McCartney movie magic moments.

Nearly 50 years after recording it, the Band On The Run Wings standout “Let Me Roll It” still remains a highlight of Paul McCartney’s live show: “The nice thing about ‘Let Me Roll It’ for me, is having a sort of distinctive guitar riff. We used to do a lot of riffs in the Beatles — and it’s not easy to keep coming up with ’em, but that (sings guitar riff) — and stand. . . Anyway, so, it’s kind of that theatrical thing of that, that I like. And then the song it’s a kind of slightly dramatic quality, where I used an echo that John used to use a lot. So, people thought the vocal sound was a bit like John Lennon — it’s the echo.”

Paul McCartney’s June “Blockbuster Pops” Spotify playlist:

“Live And Let Die” Live And Let Die (1973)
⁠”New”Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 ⁠(2013)
“Singalong Junk”Jerry Maguire ⁠(1996)
“Silly Love Songs”Moulin Rouge ⁠(2001)
“Great Day”Funny People ⁠(2009)
“No More Lonely Nights”Give My Regards To Broad Street ⁠(1984)
“Another Day”50 First Dates ⁠(2004)
“This Never Happened Before”The Lake House (2006)
“Let ‘Em In” Wild (2014)
⁠”Sun Is Shining”A Man Called Otto ⁠(2023)
“Let Me Roll It”Licorice Pizza (2021)

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