Paul McCartney Tops The Sunday Times’ Music ‘Rich List’

Paul McCartney has once again topped London’s Sunday Times‘ “Rich List” for the UK and Ireland with a staggering net worth of $1.08 billion. The former-Beatle‘s wealth increased by a whopping $56.1 million since 2021.

Coming in at Number Two is U2 with $780 million, at Number Three is composer / producer Andrew Lloyd-Webber with $618 million, Elton John at Number Four with $493 million, and rounding out the Top Five is Sting with a flat $300 million.

At a reported $3.5 million per gig, Paul McCartney remains one of the top paid entertainers in history. He admits that he’s constantly amazed at how much time the press spends analyzing his net worth: “Y’know what? I do love it, because people make up about my finances. I mean, even I and my accountants don’t actually know my finances, but it’s marvelous. (A) couple of years ago I was up to $400 million, and then suddenly, two years later, I’m now up to $700 million? Well, thank you very much. It’s not true — but that’s really cool.”

The 10 richest musicians in the UK and Ireland, according to London’s Sunday Times:

1. Paul McCartney – $1.08 billion
2. U2 – $780 million
3. Andrew Lloyd-Webber – $618 million
4. Elton John – $493 million
5. Sting – $300 million
6. Mick Jagger – $397 million
7. Keith Richards – $378 million
8. Olivia and Dhani Harrison – $368 million
9. Ringo Starr – $356 million
10. Ed Sheeran – $324 million

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