Pete Townshend Recalls Keith Moon’s Death Being A Musical Liberation

Although devastating for him personally, Pete Townshend admitted that the 1978 death of Who drummer Keith Moon was actually liberating for him musically.

Townshend’s new two-hour Audible Original mini-biography, titled Somebody Saved Me, finds the Who genius talking frankly about that period in his life and career — and explain that having a more durable and staid drummer in Kenney Jones, he was able to flourish onstage during the Who’s legendary 1979 tour: “What I liked (laughs) about, y’know, the second phase of the Who, was is that it felt to me like I didn’t have to pretend anymore. If I felt bad — I would just be bad. Y’know, if I felt good, I would be good, I would look good. Y’know, if I felt like I didn’t want to work on the stage, I wouldn’t work. I just concentrated on the music. And I, I didn’t bother with showmanship and I didn’t bother with any fancy guitar stuff, I just played the chords and wanged away and. . . Yeah. I enjoyed it. It was a good change for me.”

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