Pete Townshend Sheds Light On First Solo Single In Nearly 30 Years

Pete Townshend & Ann Margret Cover ‘bye Bye Love’
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Pete Townshend and wife Rachel Fuller discussed the making of the new single, “Can’t Outrun The Truth” — Townshend’s first solo single in nearly 30 years. All proceeds from the song, which was written by Fuller, will benefit the Who‘s patron charity, the Teen Cancer Trust.

In a new YouTube short featuring the couple, titled, “Table Talking With The Townshends,” Townshend shed light on recording the track, which featured him stretching slightly out of his comfort zone by playing both lap steel guitar and violin: “So, it was a fairly straightforward job for me. I just had to make sure the sound was okay. The bit that followed, which was a bit of a shock, was when you wanted me to then sing the song and I think there were a whole bunch of reasons why — but basically because I was there.”

Townshend went on to explain why the new single benefiting the Teen Cancer Trust will help make up for a disastrous couple of years when fundraising took a hit across the board: “Because of the charity angle and because one of the things about Teen Cancer Trust, which is this thing that Roger and I have been passionately involved in for 25, 26 years, the pandemic years were terrible for charities. Y’know, there were no concerts, there were no events. And the Teen Cancer Trust had been created in order to take the money from a series of concerts at the (Royal) Albert Hall every year — and various other things — to stimulate and create spin and donations and that had dropped.”

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