Peter Frampton Amazed By New ’70s Remasters

Peter Frampton Recording What Should’ve Been His ‘comes Alive!’ Followup
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Now shipping via com is the Frampton@50 CD/SACD collection. The collection is comprised of meticulously restored reissues of the essential 1972-1975 studio releases Wind Of Change (1972), Frampton’s Camel (1973), and Frampton (1975). The limited edition 180G vinyl box set begins shipping on July 28th.

The Frampton remasters were analog mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering from the best-sounding analog tape sources available. has a limited number of 250 Frampton@50 vinyl box sets that include an autographed version of the Frampton’s Camel promo poster, with the proceeds benefitting the Peter Frampton Myositis Research Fund.

Frampton issued a statement regarding the new remasters:

I don’t usually listen to my own records after hearing them a million times while recording them. But when the test pressings for this remastered box set of my early solo albums arrived, I couldn’t wait to put them on my turntable.

I listened to all three albums and was whisked back in time. I noticed the hairs on my arms were all standing up and I started to get slightly blurry vision. It was such an emotional journey for me hearing these songs again, as the music and my life at that time all came flooding back.

Peter Frampton worked closely with Intervention Records’ Shane Buettner and Chris Bellman throughout the process. We asked Frampton what he thought when he first heard the new remasters:“Blew me away. When I first got the test-pressings, obviously I A/B’d against the originals and, if anything, they’re better. We have better technology today, so they were able to make it even more hi-fi than they were — and they were great sounding records, I have to say. And the covers; Shane has gone to such lengths — he’s got original European British covers, American covers — they all vary, they’re all different colors! We’re very happy in the area that we’re in.”

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