Peter Frampton To Receive ‘Heroes In The Fight Patient Ambassador Award’

Peter Frampton Returning To The Road
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Peter Frampton is this year’s recipient of the Patient Ambassador Award. Each year, the Myositis Association chooses someone who has demonstrated extraordinary effort and success raising awareness of myositis diseases.

Since announcing his diagnosis of Inclusion Body Myositis in 2019, the Grammy winner has been actively raising awareness of it, while at the same time, using his celebrity to raise much-needed funding for research into the cause and treatment.

Myositis is a group of rare muscle diseases that cause severe weakness, fatigue, and disability. At this point, there is no treatment for it.

Frampton will be presented the award in person on September 9th during the annual Heroes in the Fight Awards Ceremony in San Diego.


  • Peter Frampton will receive the Patient Ambassador Award from the Myositis Association for his extraordinary effort in raising awareness of myositis diseases.
  • He was diagnosed in 2019.
  • There is no treatment for it.
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